Friday, July 24, 2009

work in progress and the design alphabet

i am without a camera for the next week so works-in-progress will be in a scanned ensemble format. i am very excited about the materials i've rounded up for this piece. oranges and blues are my favorite colors to work with lately.

jo over at the design alphabet (such a cute idea) featured my work in the latest J entry. and it's a great blog that wonderfully filled several morning hours at the start of the week.

on a side note, two of my very favorite musicians (bradford cox/atlas sound of deerhunter and noah lennox/panda bear of animal collective) have collaborated on a bit of wonderful summery goodness that has made my entire being brighter this week. you can listen and download the track, walkabout, here.


  1. I discovered the design alphabet this week too - a pretty good read...thanks for the top tune!

  2. olivia, i saw your work on there and knew i was in excellent company!

  3. design alphabet, yay!

    "...beautiful composition and impeccable craftmanship..."

    ya, THAT!

    orange and blue. <3

  4. this is lookin nice so far. i love these little bits and old paper is my favorite....