Friday, July 3, 2009

wilder lower wolves

these are the pieces i finished up at the beginning of the week. i think of them as having a really different look from each other until they're side-by-side, then not so much. i used the same wolf on two different paper patterns. it was unintentional but the colors in the piece on the right remind me of the colors that maurice sendak used in his illustrations for where the wild things are.

i got the horrors' new album this morning and i can already see it remaining on a constant play for the next few weeks. i think it has grabbed me so hard because it's so different than anything else i'm listening to at the moment.


  1. And it's actually quite lovely, the contrasts work very well!Happy Fourth,and have a terrific long weekend!

  2. thank you, caramela. you too! ^_^