Wednesday, July 1, 2009

an artist's interpretation of...

this wonder-on-wheels was parked next to us when we went to the market on monday evening.

i haven't been this excited about car art since this little gem i found last summer. i love the colors and the fact that it takes you a minute to pick the pattern out of the randomness that you first see. and even then the pattern is almost elusive. it makes me ridiculously happy and on the way home i was trying to think of what it reminds me of. the closest i can come to an answer is kaleidoscope space. yes, the interpretation is several layers deep. it has to be.

i probably could have achieved a better shot if i had moved closer but i think there was someone inside in the back and i don't really know the rules of etiquette regarding taking stalkeresque pictures of someone's van. and if they had come out, the conversation following "hey, that's a great van" is usually awkward.

this is what i'm working on this morning. i put a background down on two new panels last night and have started messing around with layers and colors. for the border page i'm filling the inside with blue and eggshell white cloud layers. there may or may not be a kite flyer. i always change my mind. maybe i'll have something pinned down for my creative space tomorrow. i couldn't resist the green print that i found in the inside front cover of a 5th grade reader published in 1921. even though the illustrated pattern is sharp there is such a softness that the aging has created. and that's leftover birthday fraisier in the corner. i turned 29 yesterday! so far it feels just like 28.


  1. Even if it was a little stalker-y, I can only assume that they're used to people taking pictures of it. I mean, if they don't want to be noticed, that's not really the right approach :)

    I like Wilhelmina Seegmiller...that's an awesome name. I'll be keen to see what you've done with this tomorrow.

    Oh, and happy late birthday :)


  2. thanks janelle!

    you're right. they must be used to people staring by now. :p

  3. Late Happy Birthday Hollie!!!