Monday, July 27, 2009

southern monsters and a summer sale

it's hot here, people. not as hot as it has been and certainly not as hot as it will be. but two things are making the summer great this week despite the inability to venture comfortably into the out-of-doors between the hours of one and six. number one...kudzu monsters! i know i'm supposed to think of it as a pest choking out our glorious native flora. but it looks so cool! that's my professional stance. we have some truly glorious examples just down the street but since i am living a camera-free life this week i went to flickr where i found a great group.

img from jacob
it's not quite the same as picking pictures from the clouds...more like counting the heads, dragon or dinosaur. every now and then i see the aliens from the muppets.

number two? a summer sale!!

free shipping and lots of sale pricing and a free mini print with an original art purchase. i've added a few new prints in the last few weeks so head over and have a look around.

to the shop!

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  1. tell those monsters not to MOVE until i get there. :|