Friday, July 10, 2009

the map that you painted...

back in january a friend and i stopped at a little shack of an antique store coming back from a rainy new year's day trip to howard finster's paradise gardens. (kelly's picture from that trip) the shop was awesome and we could have spent more time among the overflowing bins but the owner was actually closing up as we were pulling in and she gave us a few minutes for a look around. i found a box of road maps on a dusty top shelf sitting under a rusted scythe and a rustier metal gremlins tray. she gave me the whole box for $5. sweet deal. it was a week until i got the time to sort through them all and pull out the keepers. six months later i finally get around to paying them any attention at all. some of the colors and patterns i found are little works of art in themselves.

they each have their own style, it seems. straight lines, squiggly lines, icons, with color and without. there are so many blues you can make a river from. it's a craft that the gps and mapquest will squash. even now i look at some of these and my head spins thinking of finding my way through a thick city center with little grids and squares and nothing else as a guide.

this was in the center of the cover of a 1975 map of nashville.

i love how the river blue has been pulled down to fade out into the text.


  1. wow ~ love the 1975 nashville detail. these are all quite beautiful.

  2. that was a really good day. paradise gardens and the hidden barn with the nordic clothing still hanging and the old shoes and stacks of bibles.

    hey darlin' - let's take the back roads to louisville.*

    *writes first country song

  3. good song kells! we'll set it to music in the car.