Monday, July 20, 2009

born from slow weekends

there has been a mental stack in the corner of my mind for weeks and weeks labeled "when i have the time i need to..." and it seems to constantly grow. some (ok, about half) of the stack is silly, unproductive things but most of them fall at an almost necessary level. with the kids gone for two days to their grandparents' house i managed to knock a few things out. i printed and packaged and mailed until everything building up was out and i finished a few small commissions. i cleaned off my studio desk. that's a huge deal. as i'm working i set aside little scraps of paper and cuttings that i don't want to lose. i think "i'm going to set this in this stack here and not set it away in a drawer or folder or else it will be lost forever in the shuffle and mess". which happens about every few minutes on average. i have an entire row of emile henry ramekins along the back edge of my workspace full of strips of color and it gets to the point when it becomes a distraction instead of a convenience. that point was reached on friday afternoon.

also, this blog has been bothering me for awhile because it was still at that "thrown together" stage but after a few hours of work it feels a little more like home. there are still a few things i need to work out but i fought with blogspot css as long as my patience would allow on saturday.

new business cards were also a necessity. i am running low on my previous batch and i can never seem to stick with the same design for reprinting. maybe i'm a little addicted to change. or maybe i was craving a creative space with an undo button for a bit. ah, the undo button. it spoils me. after spending the rest of the morning at the park - it's 60 degrees this morning! a nice break from the heat. - i am going back to the desk. the one without the undo button.


  1. they look great! am jealous of your 'clear' time to get through the list. can imagine how much more efficient you could be with no distractions, though it would be v quiet :)

  2. hollie! so glad to find you- i'm so loving your work! the new cards look great- always satisfying to receive the printed cards right...

  3. Lovely cards Hollie- what a gift to have time and space for a clean-clear up...I think I need a lot more than two days! I know what you mean about the blog feeling like home- I am itching for some changes too-it 's part of the creative process is it not?
    Have fun and patience,