Monday, July 13, 2009

blank books

i've made a few blank journals in the past for friends by using old smaller book covers. This one has been my favorite. the orange against the foamy green cover and the silver detailing was gorgeous.

previously i've added slip pockets in the covers so that a small moleskine cahier notebook can be slipped inside and then eventually replaced. they never fit perfectly and with a thicker cover i want to add more pages to fill it out a bit. on my shopping trip saturday i found a few smaller books.

i want to try and make a few for my shop but this time i think i'm going to attempt to bind my own pages and make them a more permanent part. i've never done this before and my first thought is coptic stitching. has anyone done this? i'm wondering if there is a specific type of paper i should use that works best. it seems like the kind of endeavor that seems easy enough but requires a lot of patience. of which i have little, in general.

i need to strap myself to my desk now. so far it's been one of those drifting days wandering from one thing to the next, completely unproductive, a last minute lunch date as a means for procrastination. headphones always help me focus. i've been listening to a lot of real estate lately. perfect summer music.

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  1. How absolutely lovely...what a great idea- I purchased my first two moleskins just the other day- they are two shades of pink- ( its embarrassing I admit...)but I haven't touched them yet, why is it so hard to start on a new white page, especially in a brand new treasured book? I love what you say about true, I do it all the time too...bad,bad...Have fun now that you've made the big decision and put your headphones on! I will very happily wait to see what you will make with these books...