Monday, July 27, 2009

southern monsters and a summer sale

it's hot here, people. not as hot as it has been and certainly not as hot as it will be. but two things are making the summer great this week despite the inability to venture comfortably into the out-of-doors between the hours of one and six. number one...kudzu monsters! i know i'm supposed to think of it as a pest choking out our glorious native flora. but it looks so cool! that's my professional stance. we have some truly glorious examples just down the street but since i am living a camera-free life this week i went to flickr where i found a great group.

img from jacob
it's not quite the same as picking pictures from the clouds...more like counting the heads, dragon or dinosaur. every now and then i see the aliens from the muppets.

number two? a summer sale!!

free shipping and lots of sale pricing and a free mini print with an original art purchase. i've added a few new prints in the last few weeks so head over and have a look around.

to the shop!

Friday, July 24, 2009

work in progress and the design alphabet

i am without a camera for the next week so works-in-progress will be in a scanned ensemble format. i am very excited about the materials i've rounded up for this piece. oranges and blues are my favorite colors to work with lately.

jo over at the design alphabet (such a cute idea) featured my work in the latest J entry. and it's a great blog that wonderfully filled several morning hours at the start of the week.

on a side note, two of my very favorite musicians (bradford cox/atlas sound of deerhunter and noah lennox/panda bear of animal collective) have collaborated on a bit of wonderful summery goodness that has made my entire being brighter this week. you can listen and download the track, walkabout, here.

Monday, July 20, 2009

born from slow weekends

there has been a mental stack in the corner of my mind for weeks and weeks labeled "when i have the time i need to..." and it seems to constantly grow. some (ok, about half) of the stack is silly, unproductive things but most of them fall at an almost necessary level. with the kids gone for two days to their grandparents' house i managed to knock a few things out. i printed and packaged and mailed until everything building up was out and i finished a few small commissions. i cleaned off my studio desk. that's a huge deal. as i'm working i set aside little scraps of paper and cuttings that i don't want to lose. i think "i'm going to set this in this stack here and not set it away in a drawer or folder or else it will be lost forever in the shuffle and mess". which happens about every few minutes on average. i have an entire row of emile henry ramekins along the back edge of my workspace full of strips of color and it gets to the point when it becomes a distraction instead of a convenience. that point was reached on friday afternoon.

also, this blog has been bothering me for awhile because it was still at that "thrown together" stage but after a few hours of work it feels a little more like home. there are still a few things i need to work out but i fought with blogspot css as long as my patience would allow on saturday.

new business cards were also a necessity. i am running low on my previous batch and i can never seem to stick with the same design for reprinting. maybe i'm a little addicted to change. or maybe i was craving a creative space with an undo button for a bit. ah, the undo button. it spoils me. after spending the rest of the morning at the park - it's 60 degrees this morning! a nice break from the heat. - i am going back to the desk. the one without the undo button.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

new mix tape print!

last weekend when i saw the song book cover that was completely blank except for the words "songs forever" i knew that it was put there for me to find. and the first thing that came to mind - the mix tape! i am offering the print three different ways:

1) blank so you can fill in the labels yourself before framing with whatever makes you happy

2) you can send me a requested labels list that i can fill in for you before mailing. (i added this option for the people that will not want to deal with getting an acid-free, light-fast, permanent, fine-tip pen if they don't have one already.)

3) the 'surprise me' option! probably the option that encompasses the true nature of the mix tape. i will send you a print with random pre-populated labels.

i had entirely too much fun making this and i'm sure it won't be the last.

my shop!

Monday, July 13, 2009

blank books

i've made a few blank journals in the past for friends by using old smaller book covers. This one has been my favorite. the orange against the foamy green cover and the silver detailing was gorgeous.

previously i've added slip pockets in the covers so that a small moleskine cahier notebook can be slipped inside and then eventually replaced. they never fit perfectly and with a thicker cover i want to add more pages to fill it out a bit. on my shopping trip saturday i found a few smaller books.

i want to try and make a few for my shop but this time i think i'm going to attempt to bind my own pages and make them a more permanent part. i've never done this before and my first thought is coptic stitching. has anyone done this? i'm wondering if there is a specific type of paper i should use that works best. it seems like the kind of endeavor that seems easy enough but requires a lot of patience. of which i have little, in general.

i need to strap myself to my desk now. so far it's been one of those drifting days wandering from one thing to the next, completely unproductive, a last minute lunch date as a means for procrastination. headphones always help me focus. i've been listening to a lot of real estate lately. perfect summer music.

Friday, July 10, 2009

the map that you painted...

back in january a friend and i stopped at a little shack of an antique store coming back from a rainy new year's day trip to howard finster's paradise gardens. (kelly's picture from that trip) the shop was awesome and we could have spent more time among the overflowing bins but the owner was actually closing up as we were pulling in and she gave us a few minutes for a look around. i found a box of road maps on a dusty top shelf sitting under a rusted scythe and a rustier metal gremlins tray. she gave me the whole box for $5. sweet deal. it was a week until i got the time to sort through them all and pull out the keepers. six months later i finally get around to paying them any attention at all. some of the colors and patterns i found are little works of art in themselves.

they each have their own style, it seems. straight lines, squiggly lines, icons, with color and without. there are so many blues you can make a river from. it's a craft that the gps and mapquest will squash. even now i look at some of these and my head spins thinking of finding my way through a thick city center with little grids and squares and nothing else as a guide.

this was in the center of the cover of a 1975 map of nashville.

i love how the river blue has been pulled down to fade out into the text.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

my creative space

my creative space moved outside this morning before the summer sun got too unbearable. usually the slightest breeze sends my work flying so i have to control my environment a little more than the front porch. but with just some finishing work to do it was very nice.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

thickening dawn

another finished piece. i moved this one around and covered up and changed my mind more than i have with any other piece in months.

found room

i decided that girls can let Things out of boxes just as easily as boys can, sometimes more gracefully. i think tomorrow i'm going to start another large piece for this set.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

weekend at the cabin

i hope everyone had a great long weekend and a wonderfully relaxing time.

Friday, July 3, 2009

wilder lower wolves

these are the pieces i finished up at the beginning of the week. i think of them as having a really different look from each other until they're side-by-side, then not so much. i used the same wolf on two different paper patterns. it was unintentional but the colors in the piece on the right remind me of the colors that maurice sendak used in his illustrations for where the wild things are.

i got the horrors' new album this morning and i can already see it remaining on a constant play for the next few weeks. i think it has grabbed me so hard because it's so different than anything else i'm listening to at the moment.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

an artist's interpretation of...

this wonder-on-wheels was parked next to us when we went to the market on monday evening.

i haven't been this excited about car art since this little gem i found last summer. i love the colors and the fact that it takes you a minute to pick the pattern out of the randomness that you first see. and even then the pattern is almost elusive. it makes me ridiculously happy and on the way home i was trying to think of what it reminds me of. the closest i can come to an answer is kaleidoscope space. yes, the interpretation is several layers deep. it has to be.

i probably could have achieved a better shot if i had moved closer but i think there was someone inside in the back and i don't really know the rules of etiquette regarding taking stalkeresque pictures of someone's van. and if they had come out, the conversation following "hey, that's a great van" is usually awkward.

this is what i'm working on this morning. i put a background down on two new panels last night and have started messing around with layers and colors. for the border page i'm filling the inside with blue and eggshell white cloud layers. there may or may not be a kite flyer. i always change my mind. maybe i'll have something pinned down for my creative space tomorrow. i couldn't resist the green print that i found in the inside front cover of a 5th grade reader published in 1921. even though the illustrated pattern is sharp there is such a softness that the aging has created. and that's leftover birthday fraisier in the corner. i turned 29 yesterday! so far it feels just like 28.