Sunday, June 21, 2009

all appendages intact

when we renovated this 100-year-old house we couldn't bear to get rid of a lot of the wood that had to be replaced. that old, hard pine with the wonderful, close grain is really hard to find anymore. Our basement is full of stacks of old lumber in various shapes and lengths, painted and chipped and aged to absolute perfection.

i've had two strips from around a window under the desk in my work space for a long time. i sealed them to keep any paint from chipping off and never got around to bothering eric enough to get him to cut them to the lengths i wanted. but today i mastered the chop saw.

by myself.

anyone who knows me is panicking right now. i can't step through a doorway without running into the frame and tripping over the threshold. but it's cool! i'm in one, still clumsy, piece. and i have a set of awesome personality-plus panels to fill this week.

fueling me today is soft circle, the solo musical project of all-around creative guy hisham akira bharoocha. his photography was just used in the insert for the new grizzly bear album and there might be a few other familiar faces in his portfolio.


  1. Thanks for the tip! Soft Circle are great! Loving your wood btw.

  2. thanks olivia! yes, i think soft circle and the new julianna barwick ep will be at the top of my playlist this week. ^_^

  3. Wow, those panels are amazing! Almost good enough to hang as they are...but I know you'll do something cool and make them even better.

    Congrats on mastering a power tool! I only have a few that I can use and not feel like I'll lose a limb :)


  4. oooh i like those pieces of wood ~ i agree with janelle. admiration for your new skills :)