Saturday, June 27, 2009

saturday morning cover flow

there was a truly great moment of perfect procession this morning as i checked my email with the first cup of coffee and set the playlist to random. every mini work of art seemed to belong to a planned, colorful, psychedelic grouping that couldn't have been a better fit if it had been carefully decided and chosen from a group of one hundred. there isn't anything much better than album art and i have quite a few pieces in my vinyl collection purchased simply because the picture is bigger.

oneohtrix point never - a pact between strangers
stag hare - black medicine music
woods - songs of shame
pterodactyl - worldwide


  1. I am just very late in looking into your creative space this week- its just so cozy and warm- or at least the cat seems to think so- and cats know...-like that wolf too- would love to see what comes out of your various projects!

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