Friday, June 19, 2009

random desires

clockwise from top left corner

1. VHS - hollis brown thornton - i am a complete fangirl of his work and when i saw this...well there's just something eerily familiar about it. a doppelganger of our tv cabinet in 1988. peewee's big adventure, the texas chainsaw massacre and all the cartoons that filled hot summer afternoons. i can still remember the care bear's theme song.

2. indian vintage school anatomy poster - i'm sitting here this morning sipping coffee and dangling things for the cat to swat and contemplating the absolute perfection that is this poster.

Delight in the kitschy goodness - hang it in any room of your house. They roll up and down easily, so I like to use them in place of curtains, and are sure to raise eyebrows at dinner-parties.

yes, please. the window above my kitchen sink is begging for a new shade.

3. horned owl pillows - kathleen lolley - they're back! and i'm not going to miss out this time. the only problem is choosing a color...maybe i need the three.

4. our lady of the rain - betsy watson - i would be happy having an entire room in my house wallpapered with betsy watson. she's a long-time favorite that keeps giving me more and more to think about. and that orange! love it.

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