Wednesday, June 10, 2009

paper 'n' stitch wednesday showcase

angie of pangea chose me for the wednesday art showcase on the paper 'n' stitch blog! i'm so excited and honored. you can check it out here and definitely look around while you're there. there's a group of amazing artists!

i added the print of the piece i have been working on to my shop today. the original was dropped off at the leo handmade gallery yesterday. i had a few minutes to look around at the work they've completed so far and it's just perfect. i became completely enamored over the greens chosen for a sunburst pattern on the floor under the dressing rooms. you can't beat a perfect green. i can't wait until the opening friday to see everything in its right place.

i also added two new small wood block originals at 3.5 inches square. i set a claw hanger in the back but i like having these pieces scattered on bookshelves to add some color. with a 1 inch profile they will stand on their own.

1 comment:

  1. it was my pleasure to feature you. :)
    your work is fantastic!