Thursday, June 25, 2009

my creative space

i have a very sleepy guest in my creative space this week that i really didn't want to wake up to move out of the shot. she had been knocking things off the desk and eating little cut out paper leaves for an hour so i pretty much decided, when she flopped down in the middle of my work, that she can sleep wherever she wants. as long as she is still.

i've been in an over-anxious creative slump this week. i think i've started five things only to abandon them and start something else so there are bits and pieces everywhere. i think i've finally reached a groove with this particular one, though. a sleeping cat and juana molina have soothed me to a good place. this is a piece of the salvaged wood and the color and grain was just too wonderful to completely cover so i am leaving out the usual base layer. for more of this week's creative spaces visit kootoyoo!


  1. That is the cutest thing ever! I also get tons of help in the studio from cats. And I think leaving the wood visible is a good's probably tricky working around it and knowing what to show/hide but I think you'll be just fine :)

  2. hopefully you can come back to the other stuff you started on next week with fresh eyes and like what u did . . . i like your wolf sketch and the wood grain :)