Thursday, June 18, 2009

my creative space

it's my creative space thursday and i spent the better part of an hour yesterday pulling out the reds and deep oranges from my ever growing stack of material. since today was full of hiking and swimming i hope to pick this project back up tomorrow. so far it is a stack of reds, a few wolves and maybe some black ferns. a piece never turns out anything like i expect or plan so the end result may be a very distant sliver of the idea i started with in the beginning.

i'm really becoming attached to these colors, though. i might have to stick with them for a bit.


  1. great colours! isn't it hard to actually catch an idea in full in the end product? sometimes it happens!

  2. thanks kristy!

    and yes, gretchen, it's really difficult sometimes! but i find that if i allow a piece to bend and move as i go then i am happier with the end result. more so than if i adhere to the original sketch or idea.