Friday, June 5, 2009

catching up

i've been horribly neglectful, i know. in the past month there is a new kitten, the kids are now home for summer break, i spent a week traveling up the east coast seeing animal collective and dan deacon and visiting friends and managed to get fifteen new pieces to the naked art gallery just this week, including this piece.

i am now scrambling to get a few pieces finished up for the leo handmade gallery opening next week here in chattanooga. i'm very excited to get some work out locally and the space looks great and is in an awesome location in town.

one day of my vacation was spent in brimfield, massachusetts at the massive antique show they hold three times a year. there were so many things that i picked up only to put them back again but i did bring home several absolute wonders in the field of vintage paper. yes, i realize what a dork i am. i don't mind.

this is taken from the handbuch der homöopathischen praxis (1894). i was turning the book over and trying to make a decision about it then it fell open to this page and i knew i had to have it. the coloring is subtle and gorgeous and it has the personal touch of the notes in the margins all throughout. i'm a sucker anyway for vintage anatomy books. i think they might be my favorite. another thing i picked up is an odd little thing. it's an instructional manual for airbrakes on trains from 1909 and what stands out most is the coloring used in the illustrations.

it loses a bit of it's vibrance in the scanning process but it's florescent! straight-outta-1986 florescent. it could be an insert from an OMD cassette. (or actually the insert from any number of florescent lovin' bands today. yes, i'm looking at you, west coast lo-fi). kelly actually found this one. the cover is completely unassuming and red canvas so she did an awesome job. we were at the show all day and i don't feel as if we saw even a fourth of the booths. a revisit is necessary next year, if not this fall, because it really is a two or three day undertaking. some autumn camping in massachusetts sounds wonderful.


  1. Congratulations on getting some work up on real (not internet) walls! That's very exciting :)

    Love the finds, too - diagrams are awesome.

  2. thanks! yeah it feels like a whole other world when you have things up in the physical.