Saturday, June 27, 2009

saturday morning cover flow

there was a truly great moment of perfect procession this morning as i checked my email with the first cup of coffee and set the playlist to random. every mini work of art seemed to belong to a planned, colorful, psychedelic grouping that couldn't have been a better fit if it had been carefully decided and chosen from a group of one hundred. there isn't anything much better than album art and i have quite a few pieces in my vinyl collection purchased simply because the picture is bigger.

oneohtrix point never - a pact between strangers
stag hare - black medicine music
woods - songs of shame
pterodactyl - worldwide

Thursday, June 25, 2009

my creative space

i have a very sleepy guest in my creative space this week that i really didn't want to wake up to move out of the shot. she had been knocking things off the desk and eating little cut out paper leaves for an hour so i pretty much decided, when she flopped down in the middle of my work, that she can sleep wherever she wants. as long as she is still.

i've been in an over-anxious creative slump this week. i think i've started five things only to abandon them and start something else so there are bits and pieces everywhere. i think i've finally reached a groove with this particular one, though. a sleeping cat and juana molina have soothed me to a good place. this is a piece of the salvaged wood and the color and grain was just too wonderful to completely cover so i am leaving out the usual base layer. for more of this week's creative spaces visit kootoyoo!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

all appendages intact

when we renovated this 100-year-old house we couldn't bear to get rid of a lot of the wood that had to be replaced. that old, hard pine with the wonderful, close grain is really hard to find anymore. Our basement is full of stacks of old lumber in various shapes and lengths, painted and chipped and aged to absolute perfection.

i've had two strips from around a window under the desk in my work space for a long time. i sealed them to keep any paint from chipping off and never got around to bothering eric enough to get him to cut them to the lengths i wanted. but today i mastered the chop saw.

by myself.

anyone who knows me is panicking right now. i can't step through a doorway without running into the frame and tripping over the threshold. but it's cool! i'm in one, still clumsy, piece. and i have a set of awesome personality-plus panels to fill this week.

fueling me today is soft circle, the solo musical project of all-around creative guy hisham akira bharoocha. his photography was just used in the insert for the new grizzly bear album and there might be a few other familiar faces in his portfolio.

Friday, June 19, 2009

random desires

clockwise from top left corner

1. VHS - hollis brown thornton - i am a complete fangirl of his work and when i saw this...well there's just something eerily familiar about it. a doppelganger of our tv cabinet in 1988. peewee's big adventure, the texas chainsaw massacre and all the cartoons that filled hot summer afternoons. i can still remember the care bear's theme song.

2. indian vintage school anatomy poster - i'm sitting here this morning sipping coffee and dangling things for the cat to swat and contemplating the absolute perfection that is this poster.

Delight in the kitschy goodness - hang it in any room of your house. They roll up and down easily, so I like to use them in place of curtains, and are sure to raise eyebrows at dinner-parties.

yes, please. the window above my kitchen sink is begging for a new shade.

3. horned owl pillows - kathleen lolley - they're back! and i'm not going to miss out this time. the only problem is choosing a color...maybe i need the three.

4. our lady of the rain - betsy watson - i would be happy having an entire room in my house wallpapered with betsy watson. she's a long-time favorite that keeps giving me more and more to think about. and that orange! love it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

my creative space

it's my creative space thursday and i spent the better part of an hour yesterday pulling out the reds and deep oranges from my ever growing stack of material. since today was full of hiking and swimming i hope to pick this project back up tomorrow. so far it is a stack of reds, a few wolves and maybe some black ferns. a piece never turns out anything like i expect or plan so the end result may be a very distant sliver of the idea i started with in the beginning.

i'm really becoming attached to these colors, though. i might have to stick with them for a bit.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

those boys

i'm seeing grizzly bear in atlanta on saturday night with some wonderful friends. if you don't know them then this is a great introduction. it is my very favorite performance of anyone in the take-away show archive (although beirut cetainly comes in a close second). if you haven't heard their new album then please do. it's been playing here for weeks now and is perfect to work to.

my creative space

i've been playing along with kootoyoo's my creative space. with a small break in my morning i was able to sit down and make a quick cover for a mix i made for a friend. i buy the cardboard recycled sleeves that are a little sturdier than the paper ones and the back makes the best little canvas. it makes an already personal gift that much more special.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

paper 'n' stitch wednesday showcase

angie of pangea chose me for the wednesday art showcase on the paper 'n' stitch blog! i'm so excited and honored. you can check it out here and definitely look around while you're there. there's a group of amazing artists!

i added the print of the piece i have been working on to my shop today. the original was dropped off at the leo handmade gallery yesterday. i had a few minutes to look around at the work they've completed so far and it's just perfect. i became completely enamored over the greens chosen for a sunburst pattern on the floor under the dressing rooms. you can't beat a perfect green. i can't wait until the opening friday to see everything in its right place.

i also added two new small wood block originals at 3.5 inches square. i set a claw hanger in the back but i like having these pieces scattered on bookshelves to add some color. with a 1 inch profile they will stand on their own.

etsy 'yart' sale

i know i just had a big etsy sale a month ago but this is such a cute idea. so yay! i'm going to offer free shipping in the u.s. and canada throughout the shop and have all originals on sale. hopefully over the next few days there will be a few small woodblock mounted originals added.

the shop

Sunday, June 7, 2009

pre-glue, just like you

the past few days i have managed to flesh out a bit of the bare bones in the piece that i was working on in my creative space on friday. with my ipod and dear caffeine's help i hope to get it finished tonight so i can seal it tomorrow morning.

i had so much fun with the last piece i finished that i wasn't quite ready to let it go. i think i could do an entire series focusing on hoodied boys letting things out of boxes.

Friday, June 5, 2009

my creative space

everyone seems to have so much fun with my creative space and they always seem so wonderfully distinct. i thought i would give it a try. i was going to tidy-up a bit but it just didn't seem right considering this is the constant state of things. unless it's first thing in the morning that once a week i do decide to get organized. so it's mess as usual as i work on a piece i started yesterday.

catching up

i've been horribly neglectful, i know. in the past month there is a new kitten, the kids are now home for summer break, i spent a week traveling up the east coast seeing animal collective and dan deacon and visiting friends and managed to get fifteen new pieces to the naked art gallery just this week, including this piece.

i am now scrambling to get a few pieces finished up for the leo handmade gallery opening next week here in chattanooga. i'm very excited to get some work out locally and the space looks great and is in an awesome location in town.

one day of my vacation was spent in brimfield, massachusetts at the massive antique show they hold three times a year. there were so many things that i picked up only to put them back again but i did bring home several absolute wonders in the field of vintage paper. yes, i realize what a dork i am. i don't mind.

this is taken from the handbuch der homöopathischen praxis (1894). i was turning the book over and trying to make a decision about it then it fell open to this page and i knew i had to have it. the coloring is subtle and gorgeous and it has the personal touch of the notes in the margins all throughout. i'm a sucker anyway for vintage anatomy books. i think they might be my favorite. another thing i picked up is an odd little thing. it's an instructional manual for airbrakes on trains from 1909 and what stands out most is the coloring used in the illustrations.

it loses a bit of it's vibrance in the scanning process but it's florescent! straight-outta-1986 florescent. it could be an insert from an OMD cassette. (or actually the insert from any number of florescent lovin' bands today. yes, i'm looking at you, west coast lo-fi). kelly actually found this one. the cover is completely unassuming and red canvas so she did an awesome job. we were at the show all day and i don't feel as if we saw even a fourth of the booths. a revisit is necessary next year, if not this fall, because it really is a two or three day undertaking. some autumn camping in massachusetts sounds wonderful.