Monday, April 6, 2009

late night symbiosis

i spent the weekend working on a piece for a hand-made book to be published this fall. nothing makes your creative process seem more chaotic and random than trying to do a pictorial, step-by-step walk-through as you create a new piece with a two day notice. i am so messy when i work and had to stop between each shot to clean away my mugs and tea bags and scraps.

at the beginning i rarely know where i'm going to end up and this was no different. i completely changed course twice and had to go back and retake a few early pictures to make it a smooth process and to keep from having to add in a small note, " *at this point i changed my mind and scraped the entire bottom half. disregard previous steps 2 through 4. skip to step 7c."


  1. These pictures are fantastic! Whenever I see work I like I always want to take it apart and see how it's put together. Thanks for sharing this!

    And for the record, I absolutely approve of "disregard step x and skip to step y." Isn't that how everyone works? :)


  2. thanks! it was definitely an interesting experience. i'll never take my messy tabletop for granted again. :p

    rearranging steps yields the best and most honest results, in my opinion.

  3. Hello..:-))

    yours works..and web..are very beautiful..
    nice and sweet week..for you..