Sunday, April 12, 2009

a busy week

between school activities with the kids and the holiday i barely had a second to myself this week. then the weekend was so pretty we couldn't bear to spend it inside. on a hike to the falls today i saw the first fiddleheads of the season. they were so perfect and started my wheels turning. i must work them into something soon. one thing i did complete was a little set of four aceo cards. they're so much fun to make and perfect when i'm in a creative slump and want to jump-start my brain with a small project.

i have made it a mission this week to finally use some scraps i've been hoarding. i have a cigar box full of colorful strips taken from an old nashville newspaper picked up in january. it must have been right around the time when color printing became incredibly affordable because they went nuts with it. i've been saving them for just the right idea but i feel as if the longer i have things tucked away like this the least likely it is that i will ever use them. and that would be a shame.

the three boys are another treasure i've been hanging onto for awhile now. they're from a biology textbook demonstrating proper posture.

Monday, April 6, 2009

late night symbiosis

i spent the weekend working on a piece for a hand-made book to be published this fall. nothing makes your creative process seem more chaotic and random than trying to do a pictorial, step-by-step walk-through as you create a new piece with a two day notice. i am so messy when i work and had to stop between each shot to clean away my mugs and tea bags and scraps.

at the beginning i rarely know where i'm going to end up and this was no different. i completely changed course twice and had to go back and retake a few early pictures to make it a smooth process and to keep from having to add in a small note, " *at this point i changed my mind and scraped the entire bottom half. disregard previous steps 2 through 4. skip to step 7c."