Tuesday, March 31, 2009


finally! i have been thinking of making a studio blog for quite awhile now and all it took was almost an entire week of rain to accomplish just that! when you are trapped on the inside you quickly run out of ways to stall productivity. so here we go.

i'm going to use this mainly to dork about things i think i might bore most people with on a daily basis. german words hidden inside old math textbook spines, the amazing typography of medicinal flyers in the late 1800s, watermarks and mold and scribbles. it's going to be great. promise. i'll also be using this to show evolving pieces, things that are inspiring to me (and hopefully you too), and updates on the goings-on with my work in general. i think that's about all.

so to get started...the newest news. i woke up to a piece on the front page of etsy! that's always a nice surprise.

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  1. Congratulations on your front-page appearance...and good luck with your new blog!